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Carlsbad decrees disgusted him ; lie declared tLem to
be Infamous, unnatural, and insulting1 to the nation,
and did not hesitate violently to oppose the ijiinisiry.
He united himself with the high chancellor Ton
Bevme? and, supported "by the minister of war, YOB
Boyen, commenced an opposition to the ministry,
"which lie continued perseveringly and systematically,
and    in   which   lie   violently   attacked   Hardenbt-T^
and   Bernstorff   for   their                in   the    Carlsbad
In  Ms first attack^ he                            a                  of
state, a minister of foreign
if lie ventured to promise to              Prussian
to foreign legislatures.    He demanded
the minister Bernstoitf be impeached,          the whole
lie annulled, and proposed at the same
that such  projects should  in future   always be first
submitted,  to tie ministry.    TMs acco^sation \ras re-
ceived very ungraciously by Ms majesty.
In the second, attack, the point was treated. politi-
cally., and the decrees declared to be                       with.
the powers of the diet, and it was alleged that such
measures gave the diet a power fatal to Prussia's in-
dependence, and therefore proposed the non-acceptance
of these decrees by Prussia. This took place in
October., 1819, The consequences only followed at
the end of the year, which proves that they were pre-
ceded by some difficulties.
Such an attack was unprecedented in the annals of
Prussia. It was feared that the whole ministry would
"be               away by Humboldt's eloquence, if ener-
getic steps  were mot taken.     Hardenberg,  therefore,
coalesced with Ms former opponent the Prinee
"Wittgenstein,   to  oppose   BEumboldt.      Wittgenstein
proved to the chancellor          the opposition^,           be
nndeimiaed.    The whole  nobility was               ;  the
cabinets of Vienna and Petersburg^ who only wished
for the overthrow of the  opposition,,          not idle.
The Prussians hated Humboldt                   Austria
was alarmed : a few more              like this  one  of